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FS390 Series

Stretch Wrapping Machines

400% Power Pre-Stretch                                                          

Semi-automaticstretch wrapping machines with 30 wrapping programs, equipped with a 2-MotorPower Pre-Stretch system.


Ø 1.650mm / Ø1.800mm / Ø2.200mm 

Maximum pallet format

1.100x 1.200mm for Ø 1.650mm

1.250x 1.250mm for Ø 1.800mm

1.550x 1.550mm for Ø 2.200mm 

Maximum pallet weight


Maximum pallet height


Power supply

 1 phase 200-240 V – 50/60 Hz

Extremely complete standard version,including:

  • soft start and soft stop in 0 position;
  • audio signal at start of wrap cycle;
  • adjustable bottom wraps;
  • adjustable top wraps;
  • photo-electric cell for automatic height detection;
  • adjustable (frequency-controlled) turntable speed;
  • adjustable (frequency-controlled) upward/downward speed of the film carriage;
  • adjustable (frequency-controlled) first/second pre stretch motor;
  • counter for number of wrapped pallets per program;
  • counter for metres of used stretch film per program;
  • counter for meters of used stretch film in manual mode; 
  • counter for total number of wrapped pallets for maintenance purposes;
  • easy to operate integrated touch button control panel, based on microprocessor,  for adjustment of parameters and previously set wrapping programs. Graphic display , with icons for an easy functions learning;
  • Zero position at 90, 180 or 270 degrees;
  • Hinged column diagonal fixed, easy installation, space saving solution  (FROMM PATENT);
  • Belt driven carriage with safety system to prevent accidental falling.

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