Our state of the art packaging series FS390 Econimic stretch 
We offer various diameters turntable: Ø1650mm - Ø1800mm - Ø2200mm.
Pallet Various heights from 2250 mm - 2500 mm - 2800 mm or 3050 mm.

Our system of pre stretch TWO ENGINES famous, can large movie that big savings! 

A brief list of the benefits:

·       easy to operate and extremely flexible wrapping programs make this machine suitable for almost all pallet formats and loads imaginable;

·        wrapping can even start at turntable level (automatically adjustable);

·       thanks to the FROMM Ultra-Fast changing system, changing the film roll within several seconds is a piece of cake. Open the door, remove the empty roll, place the new roll, close the door and off you go;

·       2-Motor pre-stretch unit makes it possible to realise more than 400% pre-stretch (1 metre becomes 5 metres);
or     1-Motor pre-stretch with fixed gear (150% or 200% or 250% or 300%);

·       using the easy to operate integrated touch button control panel, it is possible to set up any wrapping program you wish;

·       by blocking these settings through a password, ensures that every type of pallet is wrapped in the most economical manner again and again;

·       adjustable pallet foot program for extra fixation of goods on the pallet;

·       adjustable banderol program for extra fixation of goods on different heights;

·       low-maintenance machine with the usual high FROMM quality;

·       the design fully complies with all current European quality and safetystandards, including CE.